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StayFIT Indoor/Outdoor Fitness Equipment

StayFIT is the leading manufacturer of indoor/outdoor bodyweight fitness equipment. Bodyweight fitness equipment is the clear choice for any outdoor fitness application. StayFit equipment is low maintenance (no moving parts), easy to install, and simple to use. The StayFit 25-year warranty is the best in the industry.

StayFIT equipment is 100% custom built in the USA to accommodate heavy commercial use in parks, schools and colleges, as well as fitness trails and activity/fitness centers. It’s perfect for corporate facilities, the military, police and fire departments; any location where durability and ease of maintenance is required. You can choose from a standard design or a custom design to fit your space and budget (no extra charge).

StayFIT is the most modular line of fitness equipment available! There are over 40 different individual stations to choose from and StayFit can design your fitness station fit any need or space.

StayFIT Standard & Custom Designs

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StayFIT Fitnesss Systems & Custom Designs

StayFIT has a wide selection of standard designs to fit most applications. When your location or site requires something different, your budget is tight, or you need only specific activity stations, StayFit designers can meet your needs. Every order is custom fabricated by our in-house craftsman using the highest quality, made in the USA, materials.

All StayFit equipment is powder coated and you have a choice of two standard colors with additional custom colors at your request. Just let us know what your requirements are, and we will manufacture to your needs.

SuperMax Industrial Fitness Equipment

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SuperMAX Fitness Equipment for Correctional Facilities, Military, Police, and Fire Departements

SuperMAX outdoor/indoor fitness equipment is designed for extreme use in correctional facilities, prisons, police departments, and fire departments. StayFit is the toughest bodyweight fitness equipment built and will meet those challenges and more! There are no moving parts. All equipment is constructed of heavy steel. All joints and connections are welded and the finished equipment is then powder coated. Tamper proof hardware is available on request. You will not find higher quality bodyweight fitness equipment anywhere.


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StayFIT ExerTRAC Outdoor Fitness Equipment

ExerTRAC fitness trail equipment is designed to be placed in any location where individual stations are required. It can be a running/walking trail, school track, city park or clustered as needed. Each ExerTRAC stations can accommodate from 1-3 fitness activities and multiple stations can be used to create a full body workout.


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StayFIT ExerCourt Outdoor Fitness Equipment

ExerCOURT fitness stations are expressly designed for home game courts, tennis courts or any athletic facility. ExerCOURT is the perfect addition to a backyard game court. ExerCOURT is simple to install and easy to use with virtually no maintenance. ExerCOURT is the perfect way to make your court an outdoor fitness center.

What is Bodyweight Fitness Equipment?

Body weight exercises are a simple, effective way to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and endurance using your own weight to provide resistance for the exercise. StayFIT bodyweight + fitness equipment lets you do over 40+ different bodyweight exercises. StayFIT Bodyweight+ provides equipment that will work all areas of the body to give you a complete body workout; from push-ups to leg lifts.

10 Reasons to use bodyweight equipment

  1.  The equipment is suitable for all ages 13 years and up.
  2.  Bodyweight workouts are super-efficient and easy to learn and do.
  3.  Bodyweight exercises are easily modified to your individual fitness level.
  4.  Bodyweight training is less stressful on your joints and decreases the chance of injury.
  5.  Bodyweight workouts allow you to combine cardio, strength, and flexibility training into your workout.
  6.  Bodyweight workouts are efficient; it takes you less time to go from one exercise to the next.
  7. Bodyweight workouts allow you to work more than one muscle group at one time.
  8. Bodyweight exercises focus on the body’s natural movements; not like simple pushing and pulling exercises which limit your range of motion.
  9. Bodyweight exercise programs are fast becoming the most popular workouts today.
  10. Bodyweight exercises help you train more safely; regardless of experience, age or fitness level!