INSTALLATION:  Every StayFIT Bodyweight+ outdoor fitness system comes with a complete set of installation instructions and drawings. Following is an overview of the installation process.

The designated fitness area needs to have adequate space for the equipment, plus the recommended safe-use zone surrounding it. There should be a minimum of 36” around equipment (from outer edge of fitness system) that is free from any obstacles or obstructions.

StayFIT equipment is simple to install – all of the fitness activities are bolted on using pre-drilled holes after the vertical posts are secured. The vertical support posts are buried 30” deep using concrete (3-4 bags of 60” premix per hole) – they can also be installed using a surface mount plate. The vertical support posts are built to accommodate the particular type of resilient fall surface being used under the equipment, such as rubber tile or play chips.

Maintenance is minimal as there are no moving parts to wear out or break; however, general maintenance and bi-monthly safety checks for loose or worn components is recommended.

StayFIT strives to provide everything needed for a trouble-free installation. Phone support is available to answer installation questions (Mon-Fri, 7:30am to 4:30pm PT).

MAINTENANCE: StayFIT equipment is manufactured and designed for years of trouble-free use, but it may be necessary to do a weekly safety inspection to insure the equipment is safe to use. The inspection needs to include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Make sure all the vertical posts and equipment fastening bolts are tight and secure.
  • Ensure there are no loose or damaged parts.
  • Cushioning ground cover should be in good condition and the proper depth.
  • Check for rocks, glass or anything that could be dangerous to the user in the area under and around the equipment.

StayFIT Bodyweight+ outdoor fitness equipment is built in the USA using the best materials available. StayFIT equipment is designed to last for years and years of demanding service. Pacific Outdoor Products has over 34 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor fitness equipment, playground equipment, and site furnishings.

If you have any questions on the safety issues or requirements, call Pacific Outdoor Products at 425-432-6000.