What is Bodyweight Training?

Getting in top physical condition does not always require going to a large crowded gym or fitness center. Bodyweight workouts are simple to do and require only your own bodyweight to perform. They are the oldest form of exercise and are a powerful, effective, and efficient way to build strength, muscle, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility and stability. There is no limit to how strong you can get using your body weight for resistance.   

The benefits of bodyweight training on StayFIT outdoor fitness equipment include simplicity, safety, outdoor/indoor training, and no crowded gyms. There are an unlimited number of bodyweight exercises you can do with the help of StayFIT fitness equipment. These bodyweight exercises are crucial to a well-rounded fitness routine.

StayFIT Bodyweight+ fitness equipment is designed for simplicity and ease of use; and bodyweight exercises get results.

The following is a list of the most popular bodyweight exercises and the StayFIT equipment designed to use to do them.


Muscles worked: Triceps, Pectoral muscles, and shoulders. 

Pushups are great for building upper body strength. They work the triceps (arms), pectoral muscles (chest), and shoulders. When done correctly they will work to help strengthen the lower back and your core muscles. Sometimes referred to as a moving “plank” exercise. Pushups are a fast and effective way to build strength and there are numerous ways to do pushups that affect different muscle groups.

StayFIT exercise stations to use:

  • Pushup dip station
  • Decline pushup station
  • Parallel bars
  • Multi-purpose bench


Muscles worked: Rectus Abdominis, Transverse Abdominis, and Obliques.

Sit-ups are the traditional exercise for building your core strength and are used in just about all exercise programs. The benefits of sit-ups include stronger abdominal, lower back, pelvis, and hip muscles. Strengthening these core muscles will improve your posture, flexibility, stability, and form.

StayFIT exercise stations to use:

  • Flat bench
  • Crunch bench
  • Decline/incline bench
  • Multi-purpose bench

Vertical Knee Raises

Muscles worked: Abdominals and Hip Flexors.

Also known as the “Captains Chair”, vertical knee raises are a core exercise that work your abdominals and hip flexors. Vertical knee raises allow you to add variety to your “ab” workout and are the second-best exercise for building up your abdominal muscles. They can be done with the knees bent or straight.

StayFIT exercise stations to use:

  • Vertical knee raise station
  • Multi-purpose bench
  • Flat bench
  • Parallel bars
  • Leg raise station
  • Back stretch station

Triceps dip

Muscles worked: Triceps and Deltoids

Tricep dip exercises are one of the most basic and effective arm exercises you can do when targeting the triceps muscle. The triceps muscle is on the back of your arm, and this simple exercise will tone up your arms and help eliminate the fat on the back of your arms. It also works the shoulder muscles (Deltoids).

StayFIT exercise stations to use:

  • Tricep dip station
  • Multi purpose bench
  • Push up dip station
  • Parallel bars
  • Flat bench

Pull-ups / Chin-ups

Muscles worked: Latissimus Dorsi (Lats), Biceps (arms, forearms, triceps), Trapezius (back), Deltoids (shoulders), Pectorals Major (chest).

Pull ups are a “compound” exercise that involves a variety of big and small muscles that improve overall body strength, grip and endurance. There are numerous ways to do pull ups to affect the different muscle groups; standard grip, narrow grip, and wide grip. Pull ups are one of the best overall bodyweight exercises you can do.

StayFIT exercise stations to use:

  • Standard 4ft., 6ft., 7ft., and 8ft. pull up bars
  • Single and double grip pull up bars
  • Single pull up bar
  • Parallel bar reverse pull up
  • Triple pull up bar