Outdoor Fitness Equipment in California

Get the ultimate heavy-duty outdoor fitness equipment in California and beyond.  StayFIT fitness stations are built to withstand all weather conditions, and are perfect for common areas in parks, home owner’s associations, apartments/condos, schools, and for fitness trail sites.

All of our systems are simple to install, durable, and 100% made in the USA!

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Available Steel Colors

Outdoor Fitness Equipment
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StayFIT ExerTRAC Outdoor Fitness Stations

Turn any walking, jogging or running trail into the perfect outdoor fitness destination.  Everyone can get the benefit of a great workout while enjoying the outdoors.

Engineered to stand independently, with 2 to 3 activities per station, they can easily be customized  and combined to create a unique and challenging workout for any skill level.

Think of the possibilities!

StayFIT ExerTRAC Trail Fitness Systems

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Need to CUSTOMIZE?  No Problem…

Individual Stations & Accessories

Create a unique fitness trails using our individual fitness stations or design your own an all-in-one custom fitness system.
We also have all the accessories you will ever need to make your fitness area a masterpiece!

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Fitness For All Skill Levels

We’ve designed out StayFIT systems with every level of athlete from ages 14 and up.  Strengthen core muscles, upper and lower body, or individual muscle groups, using your own body weight as resistance. Each of our fitness stations focus on a different area of the body, providing the ultimate work-out. The StayFIT fitness system accommodates all fitness needs and skill levels.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment in California