StayFIT Bodyweight+ outdoor fitness equipment is available in standard configurations, but can also be customized to include specific fitness stations or meet space and budget requirements.

This outdoor fitness equipment is suitable for all climates and can be installed in any part of the country. Whether you are located near the ocean or in an area with limited space, there is a StayFIT fitness equipment structure that will accommodate your location.

Outdoor fitness equipment is becoming more and more popular as people enjoy the health benefits of exercise and being outdoors. Businesses and communities are beginning to see the benefits of making these types of outdoor fitness equipment available to their employees and residents. People are becoming healthier and happier, and exercise is becoming a community and social event.

Pacific Outdoor Products specializes in designing trouble-free outdoor fitness equipment that can be used in a variety of environments.  Fitness is fun, especially when exercising outdoors in the fresh air.   StayFIT makes it easier for individuals to stay healthy and active, as they maintain their strength and fitness level and interact with others.

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StayFIT Compact Single Pole Fitness Station

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StayFIT Custom Fitness Equipment

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