ExerCOURT court fitness equipment is specifically designed for Outdoor Game Courts, like tennis courts, multi-use courts, and backyard game courts. Whether for a commercial or residential application, ExerCOURT can transform any outdoor game court into an outdoor fitness center. If you just want to provide a simple “warm-up” station or a full-blown bodyweight training area we can design the equipment to suit your needs. This is the simplest way to have your own personal gym in your backyard. We offer over 30 different bodyweight exercise stations to choose from! Sit-ups, push-ups (normal, wide and decline), parallel bars, knee raises, triceps dips, muscle ropes, TRX attachments just to name a few. Everything is commercial quality and hand made in the USA by our in-house craftsman.

Custom Design

ExerCOURT fitness equipment is the most modular product on the market and can be custom designed to fit just about any size area and need. You choose from two standard powder coated colors and custom colors are also available.


Installation is simple and easy! It can be installed on an existing concrete court by bolting the equipment to the concrete surface or burying the posts in the ground. If it’s a brand-new court you can add a small, medium or large concrete pad to the edge or end of the court to accommodate the equipment and a reverse sleeve is poured into the court and the vertical posts just drop into the sleeves and the equipment just bolts on to the post or posts.

StayFIT ExerCOURT Fitness System concept drawing 1
StayFIT ExerCOURT Fitness System concept drawing 2
StayFIT ExerCOURT Fitness System concept drawing 3