Wellness-Based Tips for Fighting Obesity

Obesity is an underlying factor for a number of lifestyle conditions and chronic diseases that can be life-altering or even life-threatening. Failure to address the problems of obesity could leave your loved ones without you. But it’s not too late to make a change. The key to fighting and reducing obesity is to maintain a [...]

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Strength Training: Benefits of Utilizing Your Body Weight

Improving Your Heart Health Using Body Weight Exercise of any shape raises your heart rate, causing your heart to pump blood quicker. This process helps to improve your circulation as well as naturally reducing your blood pressure. Strength training, especially that utilizing your own body weight, is especially beneficial. For example, it has been [...]

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Foods that boost metabolism

A strength-training workout with StayFIT equipment and eating foods that boost metabolism are two activities that go hand-in-hand.  Since I love to work-out and love to eat, I figure it’s time to write about this duo.  They say, “Never go shopping when you’re hungry.”  And maybe I shouldn’t write a blog when I’m hungry either, [...]

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