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Wellness-Based Tips for Fighting Obesity

Obesity is an underlying factor for a number of lifestyle conditions and chronic diseases that can be life-altering or even life-threatening. Failure to address the problems of obesity could leave your loved ones without you. But it’s not too late to make a change. The key to fighting and reducing obesity is to maintain a [...]

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Outdoor Exercise Stations

Want a Fun New Workout? Try Exercise Stations. Working out is important to anyone who wants to stay healthy and in shape at any stage of their life. However, exercise stations have many more benefits than a typical gym setting. Fitness stations, especially those located outdoors, attract new people to an area or park. [...]

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

What motivates you to work out? Why do you work out? To stay healthy or active? To lose weight? Regardless of your reasoning, your workout can benefit you in more ways than you may think. If your fitness routine takes place outdoors you are breathing in fresh air which further boosts your energy levels. [...]

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Strength Training: Benefits of Utilizing Your Body Weight

Improving Your Heart Health Using Body Weight Exercise of any shape raises your heart rate, causing your heart to pump blood quicker. This process helps to improve your circulation as well as naturally reducing your blood pressure. Strength training, especially that utilizing your own body weight, is especially beneficial. For example, it has been [...]

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Pull up bar exercises

The Pull-up and the Chin-up, such words evoke fear into the hearts of many. One imagines hard strenuous labor; three feet is a long journey to make and each painful second hurts more than the last. This is all true, by the way, which is why they are invaluable to your workout. One of our [...]

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Exercise music to get in the zone

Let's face it...sometimes working out can be a bit boring and other times is real drag. We know if we skip a day or two, we can fall into a bad habit and it will be more difficult to get back into a routine.  I often ask myself, why do some individuals strongly dislike working-out, [...]

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Exercise resistance bands for stretching

It is important to stretch before and after a workout…that we know. It is all too easy to pull a muscle and suffer an injury if the body is not ready for exertion. Stretching is helpful during the initial warm-up, but of significant importance during the cool-down period. Many people rely on their body position [...]

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Find outdoor exercise equipment

You go for a walk and pass a very cool apparatus of benches, poles, and bars.  It begs you to stop and give it a try. You never expected to find outdoor fitness equipment along this path. It's a bonus! Image: ExerTrac Fitness Trail with fitness stations It was easy to get situated [...]

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An exercise program for happiness

It’s holiday time!  Time for parties and all those once-a-year treats and traditions that make us so happy.  Time for that crazy busy schedule and long to-do list that we love to create, that pushes us past our limit of endurance.  And it’s that time of year when our desire to sample each fancy confection [...]

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