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Coronavirus Prevention: Regular Exercise Helps Keep You Healthy

With the onset of Coronavirus, or Covid-19, thousands of gyms across the country are now closed. Millions of Americans no longer have the option of maintaining their regular fitness and exercise routines. Health professionals have pointed out, along with washing hands and other hygiene practices, that daily exercise is important in maintaining your health; both [...]

Outdoor Exercise Stations

Want a Fun New Workout? Try Exercise Stations. Working out is important to anyone who wants to stay healthy and in shape at any stage of their life. However, exercise stations have many more benefits than a typical gym setting. Fitness stations, especially those located outdoors, attract new people to an area or park. [...]

Playground Fitness Equipment

Playground and fitness equipment go together like peanut butter and chocolate.  On second thought, since this is a blog about physical fitness maybe I should say they go together like broccoli and hummus.  The point is, why have a crazy fun playground for the kids, but neglect the adults? Outdoor fitness equipment is a playground [...]

Fitness equipment manufacturer goes public

In the hidden world of manufacturing a certain fitness equipment manufacturer is making something pretty special…and they’re “going public.” No, you won’t be seeing the StayFIT fitness systems manufacturer on the stock market, but this blog is going to share with you (the public) a few secrets and some interesting bits of information about how [...]

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Fitness equipment sales

Like a well-balance workout regimen, 37 years of fitness equipment sales and manufacturing has made our product tough, sturdy, and resilient.  We have grown with the industry, fine-tuning and perfecting our craft each step of the way.  Because of the strength of our products, we are able to provide fitness equipment, outdoor play systems, and [...]

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