Fabrication and welding at Pacific Outdoor ProductsIn the hidden world of manufacturing a certain fitness equipment manufacturer is making something pretty special…and they’re “going public.” No, you won’t be seeing the StayFIT fitness systems manufacturer on the stock market, but this blog is going to share with you (the public) a few secrets and some interesting bits of information about how they manufacture this very cool fitness equipment.

One of my favorite television shows is watching how things are made – it fascinates me. Then I realized, maybe I should open the doors of our warehouse (so to speak) and let you see what we do. As consumers, we see products for sale and think about how they will benefit us, but rarely learn about how they were manufactured. For most items we use, a mammoth amount of time, skill and effort has gone into creating the final product.

StayFIT fitness equipment is unique in that it is made entirely on site, here in Maple Valley, WA.  OK…so we don’t actually pour the steel to make the pipes, and we do ship the pieces out to be powder coated by a company who has been serving us for years, but the rest is all done right here where we can keep tabs on quality. We even design the product ourselves, which is the result of years of experience in physical fitness and the use of a variety of weight-training equipment.

Pacific Outdoor Products currently has a crew of 14 men and women who are highly skilled in engineering, welding, metal-work and construction. They love of their work — and it shows in the products they make. Some have been working for the company designing, building and installing play systems and outdoor fitness equipment for over 25 years. View more equipment manufactured by Pacific Outdoor Products.

We begin our work early in the morning. First, we select from three different sizes of pipe. One size is used for support poles (these are square and hold the mounting brackets), a large round pipe is selected for the fitness station frames, and a smaller pipe for handles. Each pipe is then cut, bent, and welded together based on engineering specifications, safety requirements and custom order. Sanding each joint with a sandblaster eliminates rough edges and ensures a smooth surface and proper adhesion.

Although they look great at this point, they aren’t finished yet. Next the fitness equipment takes a ride to the powder coater for a new paint job. When they come back, we cap the ends and it’s ready for installation.

It takes an average production time of about 3 weeks to manufacture an entire fitness system from start to finish.

We stress that each fitness system and ExerTrac unit is custom designed and we try to accommodate each customer, within our abilities and time-frame, making sure that safety always comes first.

In the end, it’s all about manufacturing fitness equipment…for YOUR benefit.

So be on the lookout for new fitness equipment and systems built specifically for certain age-groups. There is always something new being engineered.