There is a reason why the senior years are called the “Golden Years”.  This is when medals are won for all that we can accomplish.  I’m a senior too so I know what I’m talking about.  Physical fitness equipment for seniors is our best friend as we get older and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Those of us who are enjoying this period of our lives, also recognize that our dependable body machine needs constant care and attention.  Occasionally, the pistons get stuck or engine won’t turn over as quickly, but that doesn’t stop us from getting up in the morning and heading outdoors for a nice workout.  Low impact, light exercise that uses our own weight as resistance, can make a huge difference.  I have learned that staying active — and doing what we can to continue being able to stay active — is by far the best medicine.

ET_10ft.-Balance-Beam---Step---up-Physical fitness equipment for seniors needs to be specially designed to accommodate the challenges that senior adults begin to face (i.e. loss of balance, and limited mobility and flexibility.)  Pacific Outdoor Products has designed a new line of StayFIT equipment specially made for seniors.  It is appropriately called “StayFIT Senior” and includes fitness stations such as the balance beam and Hi-Lo Ball Toss.

For those who have never, or rarely, used weight-training equipment, the StayFIT fitness stations are easy to use and not as scary as the equipment in those fancy exercise gyms.  StayFIT is simple.  It is easy to get on and off, you use your own weight as resistance, and it lets you move at your own pace.  This is the kind of equipment we need as we get older.

Customized fitness equipment for seniors

What is especially nice about creating an outdoor fitness area using StayFIT equipment is that each fitness system can be custom designed.  You select the fitness stations that you want based on your fitness ability, space and budget, and we build it.  Now that’s service!

The uniqueness of the senior years is that our bodies all age differently.  Some parts wear out sooner than others.  Sometimes we need a little something extra, like handles to hold onto or a slightly lower bar for stretching, or a bench with just the right angle.  It is nice to know that StayFIT fitness equipment is manufactured in the USA, using exceptional craftsmanship, and can often be customize to accommodate a specific need.

Take a look at our StayFIT Senior fitness equipment and view the 2020 catalog for information about StayFIT fitness equipment for seniors.

A healthy life requires a little effort, and the golden years will be a bit more golden if we take care of ourselves.  So let’s keep our engine running as we enjoy the great outdoors.