Like a well-balance workout regimen, 37 years of fitness equipment sales and manufacturing has made our product tough, sturdy, and resilient.  We have grown with the industry, fine-tuning and perfecting our craft each step of the way.  Because of the strength of our products, we are able to provide fitness equipment, outdoor play systems, and site furnishings for U.S. markets and overseas (Japan, Europe, and Middle East.)

How do we do it?

StayFIT Fitness Equipment SalesFitness equipment sales begins with the finest materials and highly skilled craftsman.  Of course, it also helps that the man leading the team is a “fitness equipment guru” who knows a thing or two about exercise.  The steel pipes used to build the StayFIT fitness equipment are bent, welded, sand blasted and powder coated by workmen who could probably do it with their eyes closed.


Why fitness equipment sales?

A few years ago, we were asked by a local YMCA to design a multi-station bodyweight fitness system for a small outdoor area they had adjacent to their main building.  They told us what exercises they would like to have, the size of their area and a budget they needed to stay in. The biggest problem they had was all the equipment they found was too expensive for the funds they had allotted for the project; they needed a heavy duty well-made functional set that was reasonably priced.

After doing some research into what types of outdoor fitness equipment were available and the cost, we decided to design a heavy duty, totally modular, reasonably priced line of outdoor fitness equipment to fill that price gap in the outdoor fitness industry.

The success of our StayFIT line of outdoor fitness equipment is driven by our desire to make the finest outdoor equipment available at a very completive price. We are constantly adding new exercise stations and can custom manufacture equipment to meet our customer’s needs.

It’s your choice

The majority of our fitness equipment sales are customized to meet our customer’s needs, age of the users, space constraints, budgets and physical requirements.  The process is fairly simple.  Many customers have a fitness equipment sales rep located in their state.  (Select the link to view the Find a Dealer map.)  These dealers are your first point of contact.  If there isn’t a dealer in your area, you can contact us and we will help you.

Next, the customer submits a plan for their outdoor fitness area using the selection of fitness stations available on our website.  We custom-design the equipment to closely match their design, making sure that safety standards and positioning requirements are met.

The fitness equipment can be powder coated in 6 standard colors or a variety of custom colors.   It can also be hot dipped galvanized for extreme use or in a salty environment.


There are still more options:  The equipment can be manufactured to be installed “in ground mount” or “surface mount” on a concrete slab.  Best yet, the fitness equipment can be designed to be used along a trail, in a park, at a school, by a church, near a recreation center, at a home — indoors or outdoors — small, medium or large multi-station units available for whomever and wherever.

If you’re looking for a company that really understands fitness equipment sales, then you’ve come to the right place.   Pacific Outdoor Product is based in Maple Valley, Washington (that’s right between Tacoma and Seattle.)  We pride ourselves for excellence in fitness equipment sales and making the finest products available.