Choosing fitness equipment

As the weather improves, we begin to notice people out jogging and enjoying the outdoors.  The thought occurs to us that we need to get back into a fitness regimen, but how do we choose the fitness equipment that is right for us?

When it comes to choosing fitness equipment, it’s a difficult choice that requires asking a lot of questions.  We know we need to exercise, but how…and where…and with what type of equipment.  Do we really need special equipment?

How to select fitness equipment that is right for you is an exercise in and of itself.  So take a deep breath…get ready…and let’s consider your options.

Health club fitness memberships

If you are thinking about the purchase of a health club membership, first ask yourself this:   How do you feel about paying the monthly subscription?  Will the cost be worth it, and can you afford it in the long run?  Are you comfortable with conforming to the health club’s list of rules?  What hours of the day and days of the week are you able to go to a gym?  Will going to a facility outside your home cause other stress or hassles in your life (such as childcare issues, added commute time, etc.)  Will you need to purchase additional clothing that will make you feel more comfortable exercising around other people?

Community fitness programs

Another thought is to join a community fitness program or exercise at a local park — maybe one that also has fitness equipment.  Can you get there easily?  If you have a dog, can they come along and run around while you exercise?

Choosing home fitness equipment

If you are looking to purchase indoor home fitness equipment of your own, ask yourself these questions:  Do you have room for the indoor equipment?  Will you need to transport, assemble, and install it yourself?  Is it versatile and adaptable to all fitness levels?  If there are movable parts, how often do they wear out and are they easily replaced?  What type of warranty accompanies the product?

For those of you who love the outdoors and want the freedom of exercising on your own time, and in your own environment, choosing fitness equipment and how and where to exercise just got a whole lot easier.  In this blog we are going to lay it out in 5 simple steps how to choose fitness equipment the easy way.  No more questioning.  No fuss…no misery!

  1. If you have questions, please Contact Us  by phone or through our website.  Ask for any clarification you need about the StayFIT Bodyweight+ product line.  We look forward to answering your question or sending more information.
  2. Once you are ready to place an order, Locate a Dealer  or call us at Pacific Outdoor Products Inc. (425-432-6000) to discuss your individual needs and begin the order process.
  3. We may suggest printing the StayFIT Design Form from the StayFIT website, then complete and send to [email protected].  On this form, you will be able to select your preferred fitness stations, number of poles, and desired color combination.  If there are logistical limitations with placement of the fitness stations or other technical issues, our design specialist will work with you to create a custom design that will meet your needs.
  4. An initial quote and estimated completion date will be set.  Quality from start to finish is most important along the way.  As we move through the process, we will communicate a shipping and/or installation date.
  5. For those located in the Seattle, WA area, we have a team of installers available.  If the product is being shipped to another region, installation instructions will be included and are easy to follow.

In other words, we will help you choose the fitness equipment that is right for you.  The way we see it, sometimes it’s a good idea to keep it simple.  StayFIT Bodyweight+ means less burden from monthly cost, no health club rules to follow, few (if any) parts to re-order, and now the family can join in on the fun too.