When it comes to exercise equipment, treadmills and stationary bikes, along with the newer elliptical machines, are probably the most popular in-home gym equipment.  These types of exercise equipment are great for aerobic workouts as they require repetitive movement with minimal resistance.  They only problem, they take up valuable indoor space.  Most are big and clunky and difficult to move out of the way.  Unless you are have a special room designed just for such equipment, you may soon find you are using them as a bench or hanger for the laundry you didn’t have time to fold.

Is there another type of exercise equipment that can substitute for the large indoor aerobic gym structure, but is also suitable for outdoor installation?   This is a common question, and I have a few suggestions.

No room? – No problem

If only the treadmill or these other popular machines could withstand the rain and snow and outdoor temperature fluctuations, they could be used outdoors.  And just think how many dogs and cats would love to have the treadmill as an addition to their outdoor play area (well…maybe?)

 You might be like many other aerobic enthusiasts who just want a good sweat-drenching workout once in a while, but didn’t buy a big enough house to keep all those cool exercise gadgets.  No worries!

Doing without the treadmill

If you are in the market for an exercise equipment as a treadmill alternative, StayFIT can also be used for aerobic purposes.  How it is used, and the benefits that are gained, is determined by the participant.  Here is the guide in simple terms:

More weight resistance and less repetitions equals increase strength and toning.  Less weight resistance and more quick repetitions means a more aerobic workout.

Both types of workouts are very good for overall health.  We are hearing more and more about how important strength training is for our bones and balance, as well as various muscle groups.  And we have known for a long time that just 20 minutes of aerobic exercise a few times a week is all it takes to keep our hearts strong.

If running in place is your preferred choice for aerobic exercise, you might consider jogging on a running board while holding onto a StayFIT fitness station such as the Squat or Leg Stretch.  These boards provide excellent shock absorbency and are easy to move around or store away under a bed or couch.

Stationary bike and elliptical alternatives

To achieve your cardio goals without the stationary bike or elliptical machine, try using the Step Up fitness station or the Vertical Knee Raise.  But remember, quick repetitions are necessary to maintain an optimal heart rate.

StayFIT exercise equipment can be used in place of treadmills and many of the fancy computerized workout machines.  The trick is to keep moving — fast enough to keep your body warm, but still able to laugh and talk to a friend (or yourself, if no one is around.)

My advice:  Enjoy your aerobic exercise by moving from station to station in rapid succession, mixing it up with several reps at each.  And don’t forget to visit the Multi-Activity Bench where you can lay flat on your back and “bicycle in the air” or keep the heart pumping with several quick dips or crunches – all excellent exercises that provide aerobic benefit.