What is your favorite StayFIT outdoor workout equipment?  For many, the Multi-Use Pole is a unique favorite.  It is ideal for those who have the least amount of space, but are looking for outdoor workout equipment that is versatile and can adapt to one’s own personal workout.  Whether looking for an easy stretch or difficult suspension-training and cross-core workout, the StayFIT Multi-Use Pole stands up the challenge.

Using outdoor workout equipment with TRX bands

outdoor workout equipment StayFIT Bodyweight+

I like to incorporate additional fitness equipment into my workout, such as using TRX bands. This is a brand of exercise strap that attaches to a stationary device, and has handles that are used for holding onto while you workout your arms and upper body. The Multi-Use Pole accommodates a variety of exercises with the TRX band.

Try the forward slant while moving your hands together and apart.  Then turn around, hold onto the handles and lean back while moving your arms in an outward or upward motion. If you are doing it correctly, you should feel tension in your deltoid and bicep muscles.

Another technique you can use with the TRX band is putting your feet through the handles so that your feet are off the ground for a push-up. The top of your feet should be through the holes, touching the handles. While your hands are planted firmly on the ground, shoulder width apart.  Do not let your knees touch the ground — the only part of your body that makes contact with the ground are your hands.  Taking a wide stance with your hands is more difficult, but by all means do it if you want the challenge.  Note that this technique is quite difficult and requires a lot of your upper body strength, along with a strong core.

Using outdoor workout equipment with resistance bands

If you look at the bottom of the Multi-Use Pole, you will see a metal ring.  This feature is ideal for resistance training with a rubber exercise-resistance band.  For a fun exercise, drop the band through to ring and loop it through the other side of the band so it is secure on the pole.  Next, step into the band so it is touching your ankle or the side of your calf (you are sideways for this portion).  Now take two or three steps away from the pole.  As the band stretches, so will the resistance.  It will become more difficult the further you step away from the pole, but as you move your leg out and in you will feel your muscles go to work.

Moving the band up the pole can help you with your resistance training for running. Place the band around the front of your waist and try to run as fast and far as you can. Make sure that your feet are moving quickly as if you are on hot coals.  Move your arms quickly too as if you’re running against the wind.  It’s fun!

Leaning your head and shoulders forward should help maintain control and avoid being pulled back.  Go as far as you can, then step back slowly.

With so many pieces of workout equipment to choose, it can be a bit daunting.  My advice:  If you want to stick to a workout regime, the key is to constantly mix it up and avoid the “workout doldrums.”  Select outdoor workout equipment that is versatile, such as the Multi-Use Pole, and you will not only get more use out of it, but have a lot more fun as well.

Remember, we are here to help you select the outdoor workout equipment that is just right for you.  Contact Us at Pacific Outdoor Products Inc. for information about any of the many options of outdoor workout equipment.

Best of Luck!