Holiday gift-giving is just around the corner.  Yippee!  It’s time for endless hours of decorating, baking, card-writing, concert-attending, shopping, wrapping, and… ugh!  If the thought of it makes you feel weak in the knees, tired and out of shape, I feel your pain.

This blog is going to energize you.  In just a moment you will feel ready to shop and excited about the season.

If you are anything like me, there is a natural feeling of dread when we see Christmas decorations already for sale in the stores long before the end of October.  On one hand, we love the holidays.  On the other hand, the whole gift-giving dilemma can stress our creativity.  What gift could we possible buy for the family that EVERYONE would enjoy and not end up broken or in the trash by the end of the season?

Here are a few examples of fitness systems that would be ideal for most families, even those who have a small yard:

Exercise equipment

Model #1141 (shown above)

Exercise equipment

One-pole fitness system. Often used for suspension training.

Home exercise equipment

Model #1169 (shown above)

All of the fitness systems are customizable, which means you decide what station to assemble together, how large you want the unit to be and the color combination.

If you feel a bit lost in making your selection, no worries, we can assist in creating a fitness system that takes into account the ages of your family members and each person’s strength ability.

What’s more, StayFIT is safe to use and built to last.  There are virtually no moving parts to wear out, and it holds up very well in all weather conditions.  No more individual weights to maneuver and adjust that can fall on your toe or pinch your finger.

Now family-time can be workout (I mean PLAY) time.  Although StayFIT equipment is generally intended for those over 12 years of age, it can be used by younger children who are closely monitored by an adult.  Even small children can do sit-ups.  While held from below, they can grab and move forward on the overhead bars or try climbing the rope.  Family fitness should be fun and it’s a good idea to expose kids to it at an early age.   This holiday, they can exercise at home with their parents – how fun is that?

StayFIT exercise equipment for the home is purposeful, long-lasting, and best of all….FUN!

As you begin your list of “What to give both the naughty and the nice”, embrace it with a new excitement.  Consider giving something extra special to the family this year.  Put “exercise equipment for the home” as #1 on your list and you will be on track to a super holiday to remember.

StayFIT exercise equipment for the home certainly passes the test for most creative gift.  What’s more unique than giving exercise equipment for the home?  You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

*Disclaimer:  We advise that you use natural precautions and never allow small children to use the equipment while unattended.  The safety tips listed on this website are for your benefit.  Also read about installation and warranty of this equipment.