You go for a walk and pass a very cool apparatus of benches, poles, and bars.  It begs you to stop and give it a try. You never expected to find outdoor fitness equipment along this path. It’s a bonus!

Fitness Trail manufactured by Pacific Outdoor Products, Maple Valley WA

Image: ExerTrac Fitness Trail with fitness stations

It was easy to get situated on the bench and hook your feet under the bar in front of you.  There was even a diagram on the pole showing you how to position yourself.  Before you knew it,  “Wow, I didn’t know I could do so many sit-ups!”, a spontaneous reaction.

The thrill of this first accomplishment leads you to discover the Captain’s Chair where you hold on to the handles and lift your knees to parallel then slowly down again — now this was a new exercise you had never tried before.  It was fun and you could feel it work your core muscles a bit.

Before resuming your walk, you notice a simple bar for leg stretches.  “Oh…I forgot to do that before starting this walk.”  Thankful for the reminder, you spend a bit of time using the leg-stretch bar to keep your calf muscles from tightening up.

As you leave the pleasant intermission, you think about how an outdoor fitness system such as this would be a nice piece of equipment to have in your yard.  Gee, you can think of a lot of people and businesses that would enjoy something like this.

“Where can I get one of those?” you ask.  Contact us through our website.  We will respond and answer your questions before you have a chance to finish those sit-ups.

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Finding just the right outdoor fitness equipment

Not all fitness systems are the same.  StayFIT Bodyweight+ outdoor fitness equipment is powder coated to stand up to the elements.  Almost no maintenance is required, and that’s a big plus!

What’s more, this equipment has no movable part so you can check “buy replacement parts” off your to-do list.  It’s simple.  It accommodates several people at one time, and it doesn’t require any adjustments…just what most of us need.

You’ve set your New Years resolution and now it’s time to find outdoor fitness equipment.  For a complete listing and information about StayFIT Bodyweight+ fitness systems, individual stations, and ExerTrac units, select the Fitness Equipment menu item on this website.