It’s holiday time!  Time for parties and all those once-a-year treats and traditions that make us so happy.  Time for that crazy busy schedule and long to-do list that we love to create, that pushes us past our limit of endurance.  And it’s that time of year when our desire to sample each fancy confection seems to go hand-in-hand with a little bit of guilt.

Exercise program with Stayfit Fitness EquipmentAs I was thinking about all the things that make us happy, I realized there are a few things at the top of the list that might surprise some of you.  First, social gatherings and spending time with other people – no surprise there…right?  Another is fresh air.  Just a short time outdoors breathing in the air does wonders for our mood.  And the third…exercise!  It doesn’t take much.  To get the blood pumping, even if only a little harder than normal, can sure make a difference in how good we feel.  Oh…and how about music?  We all have our favorite tunes and they do make us happy, especially during the holiday.

It’s no wonder the Stayfit Outdoor Fitness Equipment brings so much joy to so many people.  I call it, “bent pipes of happiness”.   It accommodates several people at once, is usually installed outdoors, unaffected by weather conditions, and has so many versatile fitness stations.   Maybe a Stayfit equipment exercise program should be put it in the same category as a team sport; but then again, how many team sports allow you to have a conversation with your neighbor while you’re getting a workout in the fresh air…while listening to music?

If you are wanting to develop an exercise program that will keep you feeling happy, and you have a relatively small flat area, the Stayfit equipment might be just be what you need.  Take a look.

Exercise for fun

Most important, this winter holiday, exercise for the fun of it.  Start an exercise program for the happiness of it.  Never mind that it’s good for you.  Think of it more as a sweet confection — a morsel that is saved for that special time of your day.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, be sure to start slowly and if you have any health concerns, talk to you doctor.  If you plan to use a Stayfit System for your daily exercise routine, you may want to consider taking a picture of the system to show your doctor or a personal trainer so they can make recommendations.  Always pay attention to the safety instructions posted on the equipment.

Remember, the goal is to have fun not hurt yourself.

Recommend Stayfit equipment

If you use a walking trail or park as the location for your exercise program and would like to have a Stayfit Fitness System installed in that location, be sure to make your request known to the homeowners association or city’s Parks & Recreation Department in your area.  Send them this link:

Exercising outdoors with other people is fun…and important.  This next year, let your exercise program for happiness increase, and that New Year’s resolution become a way of life.