I have the perfect recipe for the winter season. It’s simple, healthy, and looks especially good this time of year. This delightful combination of 3 magical ingredients is…outdoor + fitness + trails.

There is nothing quite like taking a walk outdoors in the clean, fresh air just after a nice meal. It’s been a tradition in our family for years. Somehow the brisk walk gives justification to that extra bit of after-dinner dessert. Combine the walk with an occasional light fitness along the path, and some stretching exercises here and there, and…ahhh…it just feels right.

Many homeowners are already fortunaFitness-Trail-HOA-1024x654te to have trails in their area. Some have fitness equipment scattered about every 100 feet or so, but I’m wishing more of them did. Maybe they haven’t heard about my perfect recipe…but they will. It’s catching on and getting quite popular. When I travel, the first thing I look for is an outdoor fitness trail. I’ve noticed the older style of equipment made from wood is less attractive and does not hold up over time to most the weather conditions.

StayFIT Bodyweight+ manufactures some really nice fitness stations that are ideal for installation along a fitness trail or around a park area. It has got a catchy name, called “ExerTrac”. The nice thing about their fitness stations is that they are modular. In other words, each station is its own unit which is then attached to a pole. Most are able to be installed in tandem so that as many as four stations could be connected to one single pole. One pole with four stations…now that’s pretty cool. This feature, combined with the fact that the equipment is powder-coated and built to last, make it perfect for an outdoor fitness trail.

The next question you are probably asking is where can you find an outdoor fitness trail? I’d say, “Google-it”, but you probably won’t find it there. Try calling the parks and recreation department in your area. One of the StayFIT equipment dealers scattered around the country may also be able to help. If you know of an established trail near your community, school, park, or favorite vacation spot that could use some ExerTrac equipment, give them a call and let them know you have found some outdoor fitness equipment they are going to love.

Forward our website to your family and friends.  Outdoor fitness trail equipment is something that needs to be shared.