There is a new trend to “get out there and get moving” – so we just have to blog about it!Outdoor fitness equipment

Home gyms and stationary bikes are turning into laundry drying racks, while outdoor fitness equipment is taking center stage.  People are seeing the real benefits of being outdoors and feeling the physical energy that fresh air and light exercise can provide.  They are taking to the walking trail, forming running groups, and finding new ways to increase their happiness while also strengthening their body.

Outdoor fitness equipment is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing fitness industries in the country.  And we are proud to announce that our StayFIT Systems outdoor fitness equipment is an industry leader in the body-weight equipment market.  We know a thing or two about fitness and have combined that knowledge with our experience in building high quality outdoor equipment.  Our goal is to manufacture a product that will be used year after year by people just like you.

In our blog we will share about our products, news from the world of outdoor fitness, and interesting ideas and insights for how you can get happier and healthier with outdoor fitness.

Is your body weighing you down?

StayFIT Systems Bodyweight+ outdoor fitness equipment is designed so you use your body-weight as the resistance for each exercise you perform. There are no heavy weights to carry around.  No need to adjust the machine each time it’s used or remember what weight setting you used last time. (That’s pretty cool!)  StayFIT outdoor fitness equipment is simple, strong, and ready to use.  It is manufactured to be installed outdoors or indoors and can be installed in the ground or bolted directly to a concrete slab.

Of course, outdoor fitness equipment is nothing new.  Many of us remember the jungle gym and monkey bars of yesterday, where we had so much fun we didn’t even know it was fitness.  We would race each other from one side to the other, or perform a new technique.

This is much the same idea, but stepped up for grown-ups.  Think of the StayFIT outdoor fitness equipment is as an extension of the retro-movement. How better to bring back our youth than playing outside on fitness equipment.  And if our friends join in…well, all the better.

StayFIT equipment can be designed to meet just about any budget, size of area and physical application required.  It is the most modular brand of outdoor fitness equipment available in the marketplace.

If you are looking for a commercial grade of outdoor fitness equipment for your park, community center, club, school, company or an outdoor trail, then StayFIT outdoor fitness equipment will meet and exceed all your needs.  All of our outdoor fitness equipment is designed and built in the USA to the most rigid standards in the industry.

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We hope you enjoy our blog, and that it gets you in the mood to open the door and step out into great outdoors, where a little fitness offers benefits in so many ways.